I was referred to Dana by my fertility specialist. My husband and I had been told that our chances of becoming pregnant on our own were very slim, and so my initial goals were to bring my body into balance and to prepare for ART. Needless to say I was stressed and scared when I first walked in her door. After my first session with Dana my mood was noticeably elevated and I had a renewed sense of hope. I greatly appreciate her all encompassing approach – diet, herbs/supplements, and acupuncture, as well as her calm, understanding demeanor. I am delighted to report that after just one month with Dana a miracle came our way. I am currently half way through my first trimester. There is no doubt in my mind that Dana helped my husband and me conceive a baby on our own. We are thrilled beyond words and would highly recommend Dana to anyone who is struggling to conceive. – Amanda

I am writing this letter as an enthusiastic recommendation for Dana Carey’s Clear Point Acupuncture. My R.E. recommended that I try acupuncture as part of my 4th round of IVF. Being new to acupuncture, I saw it as “another ordeal” associated with the long road to having a child. Now, I see Dana’s therapy as a luxurious hour, after which I feel quite contented. The first two times I tried acupuncture were with two other acupuncturists, and while I did feel relaxed after each session, the session itself was not particularly enjoyable. My third try was with Dana, and the difference was dramatic. I have been to her many times since, not only for fertility reasons, and I have really enjoyed each session. Dana has such a charming manner, and she always carefully listens to my current concerns. She then addresses them so well in each session that I marvel at how she can be so amazingly effective at turning a person who feels “blah” into someone who feels energetic, all within a single hour.
After so many years of infertility treatments, I was a bundle of nerves going into my 4th and 5th rounds of IVF, and I knew that my stress and anxiety were contributing to my infertility. Dana’s magic calmed me for many hours after each session, to the extent that my husband would comment that I was so much more pleasant on evenings after I’d seen Dana in the morning.
I now have a beautiful set of boy/girl twins who are healthy, happy, bubbling babies, and I feel confident that Dana was a major contributor to our success in conceiving our babies. Yet then my pregnancy was very high risk, and fraught with problems throughout, and Dana was so helpful then, too. She helped me to not only conceive, but to bring my healthy babies home!
I will always be grateful to Dana for her help, and I’m now a confirmed believer in acupuncture, at least with the right provider! – Kendall

I can never thank you enough for our perfect son! I would highly recommend Dana Carey to anyone seeking treatment for fertility issues. After years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, I became pregnant after six months of acupuncture and herbal treatments with you.
My partner and I had been trying to get pregnant for several years unsuccessfully. After consulting with a specialist at age 40 my tests came back with poor results and the doctor told me my chances of getting pregnant were less than 1%. My only options were donor eggs or adoption.
The best decision of my life was to see you, Dana. Not only did you provide acupuncture treatments but also worked with me on diet and nutritional health counseling and herbal supplements. You started me on weekly acupuncture treatments along with herbal supplements to help balance my body. I know acupuncture helped my body be ready for pregnancy naturally. Acupuncture and herbal treatments were my only options and hope of getting pregnant!
Thank you so much for your miraculous acupuncture treatments! I never would’ve gotten my perfect son without you!!! You hold a very special place in my heart!!! – Mia

I am writing to encourage others who are experiencing fertility issues to work with Dana at Clearpoint Medicine. I was given a very poor prognosis for IVF after my initial tests came back and I was very discouraged and questioned whether or not my husband and I should put ourselves through the expense and heartache. Thankfully my doctor recommended acupuncture as an option to improve my chances and I spent three months preparing my body before my IVF cycle. Dana helped me improve my dietary habits and prescribed nutritional supplements that also cleared up some of the chronic health issues that I had been dealing with for some time. I really enjoyed my weekly acupuncture sessions and found them to be deeply relaxing and helpful in keeping me calm throughout the ups and downs of the process.
I am confident that all the work I did with Dana helped contribute to my good outcome…I responded better than was expected to the medications much to the surprise of my doctor and myself. The second surprise was a positive pregnancy test! I am so glad that I took the advice and received these therapies…many thanks to you…
– Lauren

I am so grateful for your care and encouragement throughout all of months that I was struggling with my fertility issues. You really took the time to help me understand some of the factors that I was dealing with and gave me new ways of thinking about my fertility potential. I wouldn’t have been able to make many of the dietary changes and clear some of the old bad habits that were impacting my health without your help and I am all the better for it even today. Most of all you helped me to calm down and have faith which made all of the difference to me at the time. Thank you for all that you did to help me on my path. -Susan

I can’ thank you enough for everything you have done for me. You are such a kind, caring person and you have been such a strong source of support for me over the past several months. I have learned so much from you about nutrition and stress reduction and most importantly, you helped me achieve something I really didn’t think was possible- pregnancy! Meeting you and attending your acupuncture sessions has been one of the best parts of this really tough journey. I already miss my appointments with you and have a feeling I’ll be back in the future. I will also gladly refer other people to your practice, you do such amazing work and I’m so glad I was able to benefit from it. -Laura