Herbal Medicine

The Chinese pharmacopeia is composed of thousands of herbs. These herbs contain natural energetic substances that gently alter the body’s internal energies supplementing underling deficiencies and or clearing congestion or obstructions that may be impeding proper function of the organs and tissues.

Chinese Herbs

When combined into formulas the various single herbal components work synergistically to produce more potent and complex effects.

Self-prescribed single herb products or over the counter herbal remedies can be less effective and may even be harmful in some cases as they are aimed at a general population and not tailored to an individual’s condition or prescribed considering other supplements or medications they may already be taking.

Herbal therapy can be used to target specific symptoms, to correct particular constitutional imbalances or to tonify and nourish the entire body and improve general health and foster longevity.

After a thorough diagnosis and analysis of a patient’s individual needs I can develop a prescription designed precisely to correct the imbalances that are indicated for that patient. Herbal formulas will be designed to address your present symptoms and medical history considering both Eastern and Western perspectives. Your herbal prescription can be dispensed as a tea